August 5, 2021

Monsoon session: AAP moves Adjournment Motion seeking repeal of black farm laws

Monsoon session: AAP moves Adjournment Motion seeking repeal of black farm laws

AAP has stood and will always stand by the farmers: Bhagwant Mann

New Delhi/Chandigarh, July 19

In support of the ongoing agrarian protests, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAPPunjab state president and Member of Parliament, Bhagwant Mann, on behalf of the party, moved an adjournment motion in Parliament on the first day of the Monsoon session on Monday; seeking the repeal of the black farm laws. Mann said that the other listed businesses of the House should be set aside and the matter related to farm laws should be taken up for discussion, as it is of an urgent importance.

The AAP MP said that the farmers of the country were sitting on the borders of Delhi irrespective of the weather conditions from about last eight months with their families, including women, children and elderly, just to seek the repeal of the three black farm laws and contended that the Parliament should only discuss about the black farm laws and accept the legitimate demands of the farmers.

Bhagwant Mann said that amid the nation-wide crisis over the enactment of the black farm laws, hundreds of country’s ‘Annadatas’ were martyred during the ongoing farmers’ movement and it was important to take up the matter on priority with repeal of the black farm laws; so that the farmers and their families could move back happily to their houses.

He said that time and again the ruling BJP government at the centre had described the peacefully agitating farmers as extremists, Khalistanis and terrorists; maligned and abused them, which was reprehensible.

Mann stated that he will raise a commotion in support of the farmers’ and will raise their voice loudly; if the Speaker would not allow the motion. He said that he would also move the adjournment motion again on Tuesday, in case the motion was not allowed. Mann said that the Aam Aadmi Party has stood with the farmers from the beginning and will always stand by them and fight for their rights.