May 18, 2021

All countrymen must fulfil their duties as Indians and take part in the ‘Bharat Bandh’: AAP

All countrymen must fulfil their duties as Indians and take part in the ‘Bharat Bandh’: AAP


-Move to prolong protest will backfire on Modi: Bhagwant Mann

-Captain and Badal dancing to the tune of Modi to break the protest

-Issue not related to any political party, religion or community, it is of the whole country

-Farmer is fighting for the survival of this country

Chandigarh, 6 December 2020

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Punjab President and Member of Parliament Bhagwant Mann announced on behalf of National Convenor Arvind Kejriwal that the party would fully support the national bandh announced by the farmers. He stated that the issue is not specific to any political party, religion or community, instead, this is an issue of the nation and its farmers. He stated that the farmers are not just fighting for their own survival but they are also fighting for the survival of the country. Challenging the Modi government, Bhagwant Mann said that the central government should agree to the demands of the farmers and revoke the farm laws as trying to extend the protests further would backfire on the government.

Bhagwant Mann appealed to the people of the country to follow their duty and support the national bandh called by the farmers and make it historic as this country would be unimaginable without its farmers.

Mann said that there were many unholy alliances that were trying to weaken the protests as they are proving a threat to them. Converting stadiums in Delhi into prisons was one of the plans to weaken the protests, however, the Arvind Kejriwal government foiled this plan. Mann reminded the people that when the Modi government wanted to convert Delhi stadiums into jails, Arvind Kejriwal rejected the demand and stood with the farmers and did not budge in front of the central government. With this decision of Kejriwal, the protest got more support and strength.

Slapping strong allegations on both Captain and Badal, Bhagwant Mann said that these two traitors were as involved as Modi himself in weakening these protests. Mann said that to save one cabinet seat, the Badal’s supported the black laws until the end and spoke in its favour, if they had protested against these laws from the beginning, these laws wouldn’t have been made. On the other hand, due to his weaknesses and many corrupt dealings, Captain has become BJP’s Chief Minister, if he had instead strongly protested against these laws, than sitting on Modi’s lap, the voices of the farmers would now be heard. But, Modi has effectively controlled Captain and the Badals and have made them his puppet. The recent spat between these two parties is one of their tactics to shift the attention of the people away from the farmer protests and their struggle. Hence, the betrayal of these two people can never be forgiven.


Bhagwant Mann said that for the benefit of all, the central government should call a special session and pass an ordinance revoking these black laws and guarantee assured purchase on MSP on all crops. Mann also said that if the central government is planning to sabotage the protest by extending it further, then they are in for a shock as this step would badly backfire on them. Taking a jibe at Modi, Mann said that Modi does not understand the fact that Punjab is a land of warriors and martyrs. This protest is being led by the farmers of Punjab whose ancestors fought against the Mughals for 200 years, against the British for 150 years and kept fighting the food scarcity of the country until they had made the nation self-sufficient. It is in their blood to fight for their rights and justice.


Attacking the central government, Bhagwant Mann said that the government that makes those who work in the blistering heat and the freezing cold to feed the country does not deserve to be called a government. It is just shameful.