October 26, 2021

Director PGIMER Prof. Jagat Ram takes the 2nd dose of COVID-19 Vaccine today at PGIMER

Director PGIMER Prof. Jagat Ram takes the 2nd dose of COVID-19 Vaccine today at PGIMER

Wishes a very Happy Holi for all and Urges everyone ‘Not to Lower the Guard’ 

due to Rapidly Surging Numbers

Chandigarh: March 27:  PGIMER Director Prof. Jagat Ram took the 2nd dose of COVID-19 vaccine here at PGIMER today.

Prof. Jagat Ram was administered the first dose of Covishield vaccine at the vaccination centre at Advanced Paediatric Centre, PGIMER on 6th February.

Since then, Prof. Jagat Ram has been feeling absolutely fine and has had no adverse reaction after receiving the vaccine jab earlier and even today, he was all fine after getting the 2nd dose of COVID-19 vaccine.

Wishing a very warm and happy Holi for one and all, the Director said, “May the Festival of Colours usher in colours of happiness in every one’s lives. However, due to the rapidly rising COVID-19 cases, everyone is expected to celebrate the festival within the confines of their homes. Let’s be with our dear ones in our homes and make this Holi ‘extra-special’ for them by being more socially responsible”  

Expressing his concern at the alarming situation caused and cautioning people not to lower the guard, Prof. Jagat Ram said, “The situation is really worrying. On this festival of Holi being there, we cannot afford to be casual or slack as we may have to pay a heavy price for our complacency. The only way forward to eliminate this Covid19 Pandemic is to follow the protocol of wearing a mask covering nose, maintaining social distancing and washing hands frequently.”

Further urging people to come forward for vaccination, the Director emphasised that there are absolutely no issues associated with the safety of the vaccine. He said, “The vaccine will protect you against the attack of COVID 19 virus and hence, it is very important to get vaccinated in view of numbers peaking again.”

However, the Director further stated, “Follow COVID Appropriate behaviour even after vaccination because it will take time to develop antibodies against the virus.”