Speaker Sandhwan Congratulates Mandeep Kaur on Gatka Gold

Chandigarh, February 9: The Punjab Vidhan Sabha Speaker, S. Kultar Singh Sandhawan, congratulates Mandeep Kaur for her gold medal win in the Gatka competition held in Chhattisgarh.

Acknowledgment of Achievement

Sandhwan acknowledges Mandeep Kaur’s remarkable achievement, securing the gold medal in the Gatka competition while representing Dr. Chanda Singh Marwah Government Girls Senior Secondary School in Kotakpura, which brings pride to Kotakpura and Punjab.

Appreciation to Supporters

The Speaker extends his appreciation to the parents, teachers, and coaches for their role in nurturing Mandeep’s talent and expresses hope for her continued success in the future.

Commitment to Sports Recognition

Sandhwan reaffirms their commitment to honoring sports achievers in Faridkot district with cash prizes, ensuring the continuation of this tradition in the future.

Promotion of Sports Culture

Sandhwan underscores the Punjab government’s unwavering dedication to fostering a vibrant sports culture in the state through various initiatives, such as ‘Khedan Vattan Punjab Diyan’, aimed at encouraging participation and excellence in sports across all levels of society. Furthermore, he emphasizes the government’s ongoing commitment to supporting talented athletes by providing them with necessary resources, training facilities, and opportunities. Additionally, Sandhwan ensures that established policies create pathways for athletes to secure meaningful employment within the sports industry and beyond.



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