PUNJAB CEO SIBIN C : A total of 2,14,61,739 VOTERS  are eligible to cast their votes 

Chandigarh, May 14: Punjab Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Sibin C has released the final list of total voters of Punjab for Lok Sabha Elections 2024.A total of 2,14,61,739 eligible voters will cast their votes for the elections scheduled in Punjab on June 1, 2024.

Total number of voters in Punjab is 2, 14,61,739

          Providing further details, PUNJAB CEO SIBIN C said that May 4 was the deadline for registering new VOTERS in Punjab and the forms submitted till 4 May were to be decided by May 14.

According to the voter list released today, the total number of voters in Punjab is 2, 14,61,739 These include 1,12,86,726 male voters, 1,01,74,240 female voters and 773 transgender voters.

5,38,715 voters belong to the 18-19 age group

          The Chief Electoral Officer said that 5,38,715 voters belong to the 18-19 age group, who will be casting their votes for the first time. Similarly, 1,89,855 voters are aged above 85 years. The total number of ‘Divyang’ voters is 1,58,718.

Election officials will set up a total of 24,451 polling stations for the 13 Lok Sabha seats, with 16,517 in villages and 7,934 in cities. Punjab has achieved 100 percent issuance of photo identity cards (EPIC).

          The Deputy Commissioners-cum-District Election Officers have already received instructions to ensure all arrangements are made for the convenience of voters at the polling booths.

He urged voters to participate enthusiastically to achieve the target of ‘Is Vaar 70 Paar’.

 Number of VOTERS Lok Sabha constituency wise in Punjab

          There are a total of 16,05,204 voters in the Lok Sabha constituency of Gurdaspur, including 8,48,885 male voters, 7,56,283 female voters, and 36 transgender voters. In Amritsar, there are a total of 16,11,263 voters, including 8,45,434 male voters, 7,65,766 female voters, and 63 transgender voters.

          Similarly, Khadoor Sahib has a total of 16,67,797 voters, including 8,76,281 male voters, 7,91,449 female voters and 67 transgender voters. Jalandhar has a total of 16,54,003 voters, including 8,59,687 male voters, 7,94,272 female voters and 44 transgender voters.

          Moreover, Hoshiarpur boasts a total of 16, 01,826 voters, comprising 8,30,840 male voters, 7,70,942 female voters, and 44 transgender voters. Anandpur Sahib has a total of 17,32,211 voters, including 9,04,050 male voters, 8,28,097 female voters and 64 transgender voters.

          Ludhiana has a total of 17, 58,614 voters, out of which 9, 37,094 are male voters, 8,21,386 are female voters and 134 are transgender voters. Fatehgarh Sahib has a total of 15,52,567 voters, including 8,23,339 male voters, 7,29,196 female voters and 32 transgender voters.

          Faridkot has a total of 15, 94,033 voters, including 8,42,184 male voters, 7,51,768 female voters and 81 transgender voters. Ferozepur has a total of 16,70,008 voters, including 8,80,617 male voters, 7,89,343 female voters and 48 transgender voters.

          Bathinda has a total of 16,51,188 voters, including 8,70,014 male voters, 7,81,140 female voters and 34 transgender voters. Sangrur has a total of 15,56,601 voters, including 8,24,001 male voters, 7,32,554 female voters and 46 transgender voters.

          Similarly, Patiala has a total of 18,06,424 voters, including 9,44,300 male voters, 8,62,044 female voters and 80 transgender voters.

Total Number of Polling Stations

PUNJAB CEO SIBIN C said that there will be a total of 24,451 polling stations for 13 Lok Sabha seats. These include 1895 in Gurdaspur, Amritsar 1684, Khadoor Sahib 1974, Jalandhar 1951, Hoshiarpur 1963, Anandpur Sahib 2068, Ludhiana 1843, Fatehgarh Sahib 1821, Faridkot 1688, Ferozepur 1903, Bathinda 1814, Sangrur 1765 and in Patiala 2082 Polling Stations.

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