January 21, 2022

Manjinder Singh Sirsa trashes claims of Akali Dal on coercive and dirty tactics used BJP  to induct him into the party

Manjinder Singh Sirsa trashes claims of Akali Dal on coercive and dirty tactics used BJP  to induct him into the party

Says joining BJP will help him resolve Sikh issues lingering on for long; serving Sikh community the sole aim of his life

“After breaking alliance with BJP, SAD in no position to resolve Sikh issues.”

Chandigarh, December 4 : BJP Sikh leader Manjinder Singh Sirsa trashed allegations leveled by Akali Dal leadership that BJP coerced and used dirty tricks to induct him into party and clarified that he has joined BJP with the sole agenda to serve Sikh community and this party has provided him a platform which will help resolve Sikh issues lingering on for long.

In a statement issued here today  Manjinder Singh Sirsa said that he was surprised at these allegations leveled by Akali leadership. He said that if BJP had to coerce him, the party would have asked him to join as President of Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) and not as an individual. He said that he has joined voluntarily because after breaking alliance with this party, Akali Dal was not in a position to work on resolving Sikh issues as there was no one left to help them out.

BJP leader further said that he has left Akali Dal without leveling any sort of allegations unlike others who blamed the grand old party for turning into a family centric party and on sacrilege and drug  issues.

“I am a positive man with one main focus – to serve community and it is possible only by being a member of the National party. He said that he has a commitment with himself that he will focus on only resolving Sikh issues and getting fulfilled demands of Sikh community and he will not get distracted by wild allegations levelled against him by anybody.”

He said that Akali Dal today has been reduced to a regional party as its leadership itself claims and it’s not focusing on pan-India Sikh issues.

He further said that Sikhs residing outside Punjab infact that those residing in Punjab also were looking towards him to take up their issues. He said that Sikhs of Meghalaya, Madhya Pradesh, UP have several issues daunting them and they are seeking help to resolve their crisis. He said that besides them, issues of Gurdwara Dongmar, Gian Godri and several other issues need to be resolved.

“These issues can be resolved on a platform like BJP to raise my voice at National level. I can also help resolving Sikh issues at International level too.”

Mr. Sirsa also said that establishing Sikh University in Delhi and helping Sikh students scale new heights was his goal on which he will work as a BJP leader in the country.