April 10, 2021

Kejriwal’s another jolt to Modi by standing with farmers in Supreme Court: Bhagwant Mann

Kejriwal’s another jolt to Modi by standing with farmers in Supreme Court: Bhagwant Mann

.. AAP stands rock solid behind farmers  in the supreme court: Bhagwant Mann

…Kejriwal govt holds demands and peaceful agitation of farmers as justified: AAP

…Farmers are agitating out of compulsion, Centre must accede to their demands to vacate Delhi borders

Chandigarh, December 17

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Punjab President and MP Bhagwant Mann on Thursday said that the Arvind Kejriwal-led  Delhi government had once again given a jolt  to the Union government by opposing the petition filed by it in the Supreme Court, seeking removal of the peacefully agitating farmers from the Singhu border. The Kejriwal government has not only challenged the petition in the apex court but has held the demands of the farmers as genuine.

In a statement issued from the party headquarters here on Thursday, Bhagwant Mann said that unlike the Modi government at the Centre, which had moved the Supreme Court, the Kejriwal government had put across strong arguments in favor of the farmers by taking a clear and categorical stand to protect the  livelihood of the country’s ‘Anandata’.

Mann further said that the Kejriwal government had taken a firm stand against the central black laws on agriculture, which had proved once again that no brute force could bend the Aam Aadmi Party and the Kejriwal government from standing with the farmers, adding that it would continue to do so till the anti-farm laws were revoked.

Mann said that Modi government had adopted a intransigent attitude towards the farmers by ignoring their just demands, adding that the Central appeared to be in no hurry to resolve the issue and end the impasse, sooner than later.

The AAP MP said that the Modi government put across a false and frivolous plea in the court, alleging that certain external ‘forces’ were behind the farmers massive movement, which he said, nothing but a ploy to delay decision on the demands of the farmers. Mann said that the farmers’ were forced to  protest following the passage of the three anti-farmer laws brought in by the Modi government, to strengthen the hands of the corporate houses, like the Ambanis and Adanis.

Bhagwant Mann on the occasion said  that millions of farmers were sitting on the roads under the open sky in the bitter cold protesting for their bread and butter while the insensitive Modi government was adopting a stubbornness  stance over the roll back the black laws and  acceding to their fair demands, enabling them to evacuate the Delhi border and go back to their homes. He said that the Centre should no more test the patience of the farmers.

The AAP leader said that the Aam Aadmi Party would go to any extent in support of the farmers, but would never bow down to the pulls and pressures of the  forces working against ‘Anaadata’. Mann said that the Kejriwal government first had given a crushing jolt to the Centre by not acceding to its request to convert Delhi stadiums into makeshift jails for the agitating farmers and now it had taken on Centre in the Supreme Court.