June 14, 2021

AAP MLAs pay homage to 40 Muktas at Maghi Mela in Muktsar

AAP MLAs pay homage to 40 Muktas at Maghi Mela in Muktsar

…Prayed to God for giving courage to fight against oppression

….Says our gurus showed us the way to fight against tyranny

……Our religion is to follow the path shown to raise voice against oppression

…..Farmers are fighting for their rights and existence on Delhi borders

….Aam Aadmi Party stands shoulder to shoulder in farmers’ movement

 Sri Muktsar Sahib/Chandigarh, January 14, 2021

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MLAs paid obeisance to 40 Muktas at Gurdwara Sri Tutti-Gandhi Sahib, Sri Mukstar Sahib on the occasion of Maghi Mela on Thursday. Bowing down, the MLAs prayed to God to give them the strength to walk on the right path in the fight for the truth shown by the gurus. AAP MLAs Kultar Singh Sandhwan, Prof Baljinder Kaur, Kulwant Singh Pandori, Amarjit Singh Sandoa and Manjit Singh Bilaspur reached there to pay tributes. The AAP leaders who were present on the occasion said that they had come as devotees to pay homage to 40 Muktas. The AAP leaders said that our history was full of sacrifices, made while fighting against the tyranny of time, truth and oppression. They said that the gurus had shown us the way to fight against oppression in any situation.

“There is not much difference between the tyrants of the time of gurus and the present governments. The only change is the way the tyranny has changed. Those who raised their voices against oppression were persecuted then and are being persecuted today also,” said the leaders. They said that even in severe cold, the farmers were rewriting the pages of the history of fighting the war of truth and fighting against the tyrants. The leaders asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led central government to read the history of Punjab thoroughly before inflicting atrocities on the working people.

“Those who are agitating under the open sky on the Delhi borders today are the sons of Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji, who sacrificed his sons and mother and still conveyed the message of ‘Charhdi Kala’. Today we will not make any political comment as we have come to pay homage to 40 Muktas,” they added. The leaders further said that it was our religion to follow the path shown by the gurus to raise voice against oppression.

They said that the Aam Aadmi Party workers and leadership would pray to God to grant peace to the Modi government so that it would listen to the millions of farmers of the country who were fighting for their rights and existence on the borders of Delhi. “The Modi government is so arrogant that it is not listening to the voice of our ‘annadatas’ nor the voice of mothers, elders and small children who are living under the open sky in this harsh weather on the Delhi borders for over last one month,” they added.

The leaders said that the Aam Aadmi Party has been standing shoulder to shoulder with the farmers’ in their movement and will continue to support them, without any party symbol. On the occasion, Dharamjit Singh Rameana, joint secretary, Gurdit Singh Sekhon, Jagdev Singh Bam district incharge, Jagdeep Singh Sandhu, Jagdeep Singh Kaka Brar, Jagmohan Singh Sukhna district media incharge, Surjit Dhillon, Karnail Singh, treasurer, Vijay IT incharge, Manveer Khudia block president Lambi, Simarjit Singh, block president, Malout, Jashan Brar, Gurjinder Sharma block president, Jagmel Singh Shergill, Paramjit Gill, Sukhwant Pakka, Amardhir Bam, Sarkirandeep Bam, Karaj Singh, Gagandeep Singh Aulakh, Suman block president, Raja Mallan block president, Jagmeet Sandhu, among others were also present.