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Governor honours 18 with ‘Himachal Ke Prahari Samman’

Governor honours 18 persons with ‘Himachal Ke Prahari Samman’

27th June 2024

Governor Shiv Pratap Shukla presided over the ‘Himachal Ke Prahari’ Samman Samaroh organized by the Police department at Raj Bhavan today. He honoured 18 persons for their significant contribution in reporting the cases of drug abuse under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act.

The Governor commended these “Praharis” for their unwavering dedication in combating drug trafficking. He said that drugs pose a severe threat to the social fabric by tearing families apart, endangering public health and fostering criminal activities.

Shiv Pratap Shukla said that Himachal Pradesh was well known for its natural splendor and rich cultural heritage and there was need to protect the society from the scourge of drug abuse. He advocated for a proactive approach involving stringent law enforcement, strong social norms, comprehensive education, and effective rehabilitation measures.

Governor said that during his 16-month tenure as the Governor of the state, he had committed himself to anti-drug campaigns. He expressed concern over the increasing prevalence of drug abuse at the village level especially involvement of the females in drug trafficking. He underscored that while the NDPS Act was a powerful tool in the fight against drug abuse, its success relies heavily on the vigilance and support of both officials and the community.

The Governor said we are honouring those citizens of the state, who have shown exemplary courage and dedication in going beyond their civilian duties and assisting the law enforcement agencies. Their efforts have not only helped in detecting and curbing illegal activities to a larger extent but also in raising awareness about the importance of a drug-free society.

Earlier, Director General of Police Dr. Atul Verma organized this felicitation ceremony to recognize the active role of our conscious citizens and celebrate their contribution. He emphasized that addressing the significant challenge of drug abuse requires a multidisciplinary approach.

The DGP said that the State Intelligence Department has also proposed a multi-pronged anti-drug strategy to tackle the root causes of drug abuse.

Superintendent of Police, Anti-narcotics Task Force Arvind Negi gave a presentation on drug abuse and related issues while Additional Director General of Police Abhishek Trivedi presented the vote of thanks.

Mayor, Municipal Corporation Shimla Surender Chauhan, Deputy Mayor Uma Kaushal, Additional Director General of Police, Satwant Atwal Trivedi, Secretary to Governor Rajesh Sharma and presently Secretary in-charge to the Governor C.P. Verma were also present on the occasion.

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