Subash Chhibber: Sixth President of Mohyal Sabha Panchkula

The General House unanimously approved Subash Chhibber as the sixth President of Mohyal Sabha Panchkula. In the distinguished roster of Patrons, Mohyal Sabha Panchkula proudly boasts the eminent Lt General BKN, a distinguished Chief and former Governor of Punjab, alongside the esteemed Chief Patron D S Bali, a seasoned Senior Advocate at both the Punjab Haryana High Court and the Supreme Court of India.

As the recently elected President, I stand with a deep sense of profound honor and genuine gratitude, finding myself in the distinguished position of receiving the invaluable blessings and sagacious guidance extended by these highly respected and accomplished figures. Each of our esteemed Patrons, with special mention to the distinguished Lt General BKN and Chief Patron D S Bali, assumes a pivotal role in not only upholding but also enhancing the Sabha’s rich legacy and its unwavering commitment to the pursuit of excellence.

Embark on an enthralling and immersive journey through the illustrious leadership legacy, as Subash Chhibber, armed with grace and poise, steps into the pivotal role of the sixth President of Mohyal Sabha Panchkula. This noteworthy transition, orchestrated under the watchful guidance of our esteemed Patrons, signifies more than just a change in leadership; it serves as the prologue to an exciting and promising new chapter in the Sabha’s enduring and impactful journey. The influence and direction provided by these revered figures are poised not only to shape the future but to craft a narrative marked by a sustained dedication to excellence and the meticulous preservation of the Sabha’s esteemed heritage, a legacy we are committed to upholding with unwavering devotion and pride

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