Prof. Vivek Lal, Director, PGIMER, Chandigarh interacts with newly joined residents .

The Director of PGI, Dr. Vivek Lal had a one to one session this Saturday afternoon with the PGI Residents. The interaction with the resident doctors made him nostalgic and he shared a story or two of his residency days here. The residents were enthralled at his resident friendly nature and his quote, “ When you enter PGI, you are better than the rest; but when you leave PGI, you are better than the best”, instilled raging enthusiasm in the hearts and minds of these young doctors. Many issues were raised including the safety of doctors, and the new director vowed that henceforth, Institutional FIR will be filed against all perpetrators. Dr. Rahul, President ARD, also raised issues about the infrastructure and quality of food available, to which the director has assured that if feasible solutions are available, they shall be implemented. Many Resident doctors from various departments, put forward the hurdles they face in delivering the best health care to the patients and the day to day difficulties faced by patients during their stay at PGI. Brainstorming for solutions were done at the forum, and post a fruitful discussion the Resident doctors left with a hopeful heart for change in their quality of life in PGI.

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