PGI gets Rs. 1923.10 Crore in Union Budget 2023-24

For the coming financial year, PGI allocated Rs 1923.10 crore, which is Rs. 73.10 crore more than last year's revised budget estimates.

The highest allocation was for the creation of capital assets with Rs 343.10 crore. In the previous year, under this head, Rs 270 crore was provided. The grant- in-aid for salaries & the budget estimate under the grant-in- aid (general), which remain same as previous year i.e. Rs 1300 crore & Rs. 270 crore respectively. Rs. 10.00 Crore were allocated under budget Head GIA (SAP).

The proposed amount was Rs. 2250 Crores for this year.

“This is initial allocation and as per our past experience we always get required funds under Supplementary Grants ( November/December) based on expenditure pattern and new developments ( like new recruitments , projects, etc.) during the year”, said Sh. Kumar Abhay, Financial Advisor, PGIMER, Chandigarh.

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