MP Manish Tiwari Hosts Rajeev Vihar Management for Discussions

Today, newly elected MP Manish Tiwari invited the members of the management to his residence over a cup of tea.The management committee members of Rajeev Vihar convened to address concerns regarding double charging in door-to-door garbage collection and pending matters related to the MP Local Area Development (LAD) fund.

The meeting, chaired by President Col. D.S. Sra, saw active participation from committee members including Col. Warrich, Col. Jagdish, and Col. Gaurya, representing the Army Society in Rajeev Vihar Manimajra.

During the deliberations Subash Chhibber  said that MP  Manish  Tiwari  was very positive  to help the management after he take the oath of MP.

The committee emphasised the importance of addressing the grievances related to double charging in garbage collection services promptly. They also underscored the need for expediting the allocation and utilisation of the MP LAD fund for pending developmental projects in the area.

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