MCC promotes Zero Waste Events : A Wedding and a Conclave held under Mission ‘Garbage Free City’



Uses QR based registration for an event for the first time


Chandigarh, November 2:- Adopting the 3R principles and those of circular economy for reducing, reusing, and recycling of waste to ensure maximum resource recovery, the Municipal Corporation Chandigarh & Chandigarh Smart City Ltd. today conducted a workshop on Viksit Bharat-Reaching the Last Mile today at Hotel Mount View, a completely ‘Zero Waste Event’.

The event was aimed at creating awareness regarding ban and complete elimination of single-use plastic products. The registration for the event was QR based to avoid paper documentation. All the display of the workshop was on LED screens avoiding any kind of flex hoardings and plastic boards.

Spearheading the mission of making Chandigarh No.1 in the country in terms of waste minimization at source, reuse and recycle of waste, the Municipal Corporation Chandigarh also hand held a ‘Zero Waste Wedding’ of Ms. Manjeet Kaur D/o Mr. Jasbir Singh, resident of Khuda Ali Sher, Ward No.1, where 100% scientific processing of waste was achieved.

While sharing information about the initiative of conducting ‘Zero Waste Events’, Ms. Anindita Mitra, IAS, Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh said that public events pose a challenge for the MCC in terms of generating substantial quantities of waste and their subsequent disposal, there is a need to ensure that going forward, all public events be conducted on “zero-waste” principles. She said that to minimize the amount of waste generation and need for their safe disposal are the major components of the zero waste events. This would be possible through use of environment friendly products/ items, easy access to toilets and waste disposal facilities at such events, she added.


She said that sufficient Safaikarmacharies were deployed alongwith one waste collection vehicle at the venues while water sprinkler deployed to curb dust pollution at outdoor events besides providing twin litter bins and providing gender segregated toilets/mobile toilet vans.


She said that the main features of the zero waste events included:


No plastic was used anywhere i.e no plastic water bottles, or wrapping or flexes etc.


No Flex posters was used for displaying information regarding the event. Event details was printed on eco-friendly paper material and in case of the conclave, digital medium was used.


Natural flowers were used for decoration purposes which were later composted.


Access to the venue was divyang Friendly


No plastic water bottles of any size, plastic Cups was used


At the wedding ,Water and food were served at stainless steel glasses procured from MCC bartan bhandar.


No plastic cups / glasses were used anywhere in either of the venues. Only bio-degradable environment friendly cups were used for coffee and soft drinks were used


Hand sanitizers at the snacks counter and eating tables were placed


Near food counter and throughout the venue key message “Do not Litter – Use blue dustbin for Dry waste and Green dustbin for wet Waste” was displayed


Green Bins (for Wet Waste) & Blue Bin (for Dry Waste) were placed at easily accessible location throughout the venue


Gender segregated toilet placed at the entrance and all toilet seats were clean and odour free at all times alongwith availability of Water and sanitizer


She further said that robust mechanism was adopted to handle waste generated at event site. All the waste collected were periodically emptied and transported in waste collection vehicle in segregated manner.



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