DAV and MCM DAV College Teachers Union continued with their protest and non-cooperation stance on the second consecutive day

DAV and MCM DAV College Teachers Union continued with their protest and non-cooperation stance on the second consecutive day against the discrimination and injustice done with unaided teaching staff
The teacher of DAV College and MCMDAV College for Women, today continued with their protest on second consecutive day to showcase the discrimination and unjust done to the unaided teaching staff of their colleges The teachers representatives said that they have not got any positive response or written assurance yesterday from the Principals and management regarding approval of the 7th pay scale for the teachers working on self financed posts (unaided posts). Teachers said that in a letter No: Misc/A-1/3560 dated, 1/05/2023, PU had accorded the sanction of 12.5 percent fee hike specifically for self finance courses and have directed the college managements in a recently issued letter to grant the revised  pay scales. But in a clear violation and disregard to University norms and despite getting the fees raised, they have till date not granted the benefit of the revised pay scales to the unaided teachers, which is pending since 1st January 2016, and have not revised the salaries of adhoc/guest faculty which is clearly illegitimate and unjustified. Notably, these colleges are grant-in-aid colleges with 95 percent deficit financial support from the government along-with many grants for infrastructure and development from other agencies like RUSA and DST FIST. Also, these colleges got prime lands leased in their favour in the heart of city at throw away rates to spread education and not to indulge in profiteering and fill their coffers.
On this second day also teachers raised slogans and condemned the callous and indifferent attitude of the Managing Committee of DAV Colleges and both the Principals as they completely ignored and failed to address their most genuine and legitimate issue. Principals asked teachers to end the protest as the governing body meeting has been fixed for 16th November. However, teachers said that it is just a gimmick and failed attempt to dilute the protest as they have been giving diverging statements and befooling us from last many months. Also, the teacher’s termed it as a mala-fide approach and a deceptive tactic as the agenda of governing body has not been unveiled and no assurance for revised pay scales is given to them. The protesting teachers unequivocally appealed to the U.T Administration and Panjab University officials to strongly intervene and strictly direct the management of the colleges to implement the revised pay scales of unaided teachers as they are brazenly defying the PU/UGC norms by illegally withholding the pay scales of unaided staff members.
Citing the hegemonic and dictatorial attitude of the DAV management, Dr Minakshi Rathore, President, Teachers Union of MCM DAV College, said that both the colleges have decided for a longer haul against this discrimination and resolved to observe a non-cooperation stance with authorities and management till the revised pay scales are not granted or any written assurance is not issued to them. They again reiterated their stand of observing this year Diwali as a black diwali if the justice is not done with the unaided staff of their colleges till then.

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