CII Chandigarh Fair 2023 Shines a Spotlight on Empowering Women Entrepreneurs from West Bengal

Chandigarh, 4 November 2023 – The CII Chandigarh Fair 2023 is not just a marketplace; it’s a celebration of women entrepreneurs who are making waves in traditionally male-dominated industries.

This year, the fair proudly showcases the extraordinary journeys of women entrepreneurs who have broken barriers and risen to prominence in their respective fields. Among these remarkable women are Tapasi Kundu, owner of “Bandel Handloom Developers,” who has played a pivotal role in promoting handwoven sarees and suits from West Bengal. With a workforce of 204 women, Tapasi strives to provide her children with quality education, defying the odds with her unwavering spirit. To all women planning to start their entrepreneurial journey, Tapasi suggests following the mantra “No risk, No gain.”

Moumita Dey, a solo woman entrepreneur, hails from Manick Tala and specializes in crafting eco-friendly ornaments. Her products include Parandis, jhumkas, brooches, jewellery sets, rings, and more, all created from unconventional materials such as cornflour, bamboo, chillam, and grass. Despite lacking family support, Moumita manages to outsource materials and design accessories single-handedly. Her indomitable spirit is evident when she says, “Agar raste par chalna hai toh koi na koi dikkat to ayegi hi, but I do it all alone with a smile.”

Babita Banerjee, another solo woman entrepreneur from Paschim Putiary, is the driving force behind Poly Industries, which specializes in crafting jute and leather goods and contemporary handicrafts. She runs her workshop from her home and is associated with the FMBM Foundation (For Me & by Me), actively supporting women empowerment and women entrepreneurs in Kolkata.

CII Chandigarh Fair is not just a showcase; it’s a platform for women entrepreneurs to create networks, empower each other, and support the next generation. These women have formed networks, some with Self Help Groups, to mentor and uplift other aspiring women entrepreneurs. These inspiring women entrepreneurs are not just contributing to economic growth but also inspiring others to dream big, from urban to rural areas. Their stories reflect the changing landscape of entrepreneurship in India, where women break stereotypes and take the lead.

CII Chandigarh Fair 2023 Leads the Way in Green Initiatives

Raw Yarn & Nimbark

Chandigarh, 4 November 2023 – The CII Chandigarh Fair 2023 is not just a marketplace; it’s a celebration of innovation and sustainability. This year, the fair took a bold step toward promoting eco-friendly and sustainable products. Let’s dive into the stories of four exhibitors dedicated to creating a greener and more responsible world.

Pranav Gupta, founder of “Raw Yarn,” envisions a plastic-free world. Based in Chandigarh and manufacturing in Delhi, Raw Yarn focuses on producing eco-friendly and sustainable home decor products made from “wine bottle cork.” Pranav’s motivation to create eco-friendly and trendy products stems from his passion for Earth’s sustainability. Some of their best-selling products include fridge magnets, planters, and laptop bags, with wine bottle corks sourced from Indonesia.

Hailing from Kashmir, the 132-year-old company “Nimbark” is dedicated to organic products. Their offerings include rice, green coffee, Kashmiri kahwa, and Kashmiri garlic, which have garnered significant attention from fair exhibitors. They practice cultivation in Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, J&K, and Manikaran. Nimbark is offering a 10% discount on their products during the fair. It’s worth mentioning that they purchase land on a contract basis and abstain from farming practices for three years, ensuring that the soil remains uncontaminated.

“Punjab Agro,” a government undertaking for the development of farmers, deals in organic and non-organic products. This certified organic company distinguishes itself by providing detailed information about its sources and farmers through QR codes on their packaging. They source their products from Punjab to increase the income of local farmers, offering organic daliya and atta, pure and natural honey, and juices. Their raw and pure honey retains pollen and beeswax as they do not heat it, ensuring its nutritional value remains intact. Their stall at the fair aims to promote their products, and they have received an encouraging response from the exhibitors.

“Coir Board’s” unique product, “Coir Bhoovastra” or coir geotextile, is an environmentally friendly material designed to protect the earth. Made from coir fibre/yarn extracted from coconut husk, “Coir Board’s” products include toys, curio items, hangings, wall décor pieces, and more. These art pieces are made by women artisans in rural parts of India, and their 100% natural properties infuse an ethnic charm.

With these stories, CII Chandigarh Fair highlights the evolving landscape of eco-friendly initiatives and hopes to educate visitors to make more responsible choices.



CII Chandigarh Fair 2023: A World of Gifting and Food Packaging Splendour



Chandigarh, 4 November 2023  – The CII Chandigarh Fair 2023, a delightful extravaganza of gifting and food packaging options, continues to draw visitors with its vibrant array of products. Running until Monday, November 6, this fair is a treasure trove for anyone seeking the perfect gift or innovative food packaging solutions. As you wander through the fair’s bustling aisles, you’ll discover a multitude of brands, each with its unique offerings.

Among the standouts is “Auric,” a brand that has its roots deep in Ayurveda and hails from the heart of South Delhi, Jasola. Auric’s product range is as diverse as it is exquisite. From effervescent tablets designed for lung and liver detox to apple-sided vinegar and a complete selection of millets, they cater to health-conscious gourmets. But that’s not all – they boast a variety of ghee, including Bilona ghee, A2 pure ghee, and cow ghee. Quality is their mantra, and each ghee sachet comes with a certificate to assure you of its purity. For those who are health enthusiasts, they offer food supplements and beverages like effervescent tablets and protein drinks. Not to mention their unique beverages, including hot chocolate with Ashwagandha and coffee with turmeric.

Another local gem at the fair is the “Wood Pressed Oil Company (Aurganicum),” which hails from Tricity. This company is on a mission to provide you with pure, nutritious, and unadulterated cooking oils. Their wood-pressed oils and vedic chakki attas are a testament to their commitment to health and well-being. Without additives, preservatives, or heat-based processes, their products are a healthier choice. Whether you’re looking for cooking oils, massagers, or attas for your culinary adventures, Aurganicum has it all. The competitive prices of their offerings are justified by the purity and nutritional value they bring to your table. Furthermore, they offer customized packaging and wedding hampers, ensuring that your gifts are as unique as the recipient.

Shri Shyam Tilpatti Udyog, a beloved brand hailing from the vibrant city of Jaipur, Rajasthan, has been a proud participant in the CII for 15 years. Their mouthwatering array of traditional Rajasthan sweets, including peanut chikki, mewa barfi, and til laddu, has been capturing hearts and taste buds at the fair. These sweets are a true testament to authenticity, maintaining the same flavours and textures as found in Rajasthan. Perfect for gifting and savouring, Shri Shyam Tilpatti Udyog’s sweets have brought a piece of Rajasthan’s rich culinary heritage to Chandigarh.

The CII Chandigarh Fair 2023 is not just a shopping destination; it’s an experience. With brands like Auric, Aurganicum, and Shri Shyam Tilpatti Udyog, you can discover unique gifting options and food packaging solutions that add a touch of health, tradition, and taste to your festivities. So, don’t miss this opportunity to explore the kaleidoscope of choices that cater to your diverse needs.



A Kaleidoscope of Cultural Performances and Extravaganza at CII Chandigarh Fair

Chandigarh, 4 November 2023 – The CII Chandigarh Fair 2023 transformed into a vibrant stage for celebrating the rich tapestry of Indian culture today, leaving visitors enchanted by the mesmerizing cultural performances that took place this evening.

Bhupinder Singh, a dedicated Traffic Police Sub Inspector, and a soulful singer, serenaded the audience with his melodious voice, showcasing his remarkable talent and the spirit of individuals who wear multiple hats. The fair also had the honour of welcoming Shri Hoby Dhaliwal, veteran Punjabi Film Star, whose charismatic presence added glitz and glamour to the event.

DJ Narender Singh also paid a visit to the Fair, and the Countryside Gundey Movie Star Cast made a star-studded appearance to promote their upcoming film, captivating the crowd with their presence.

Renowned Chandigarh-based artist Anubhav Som mesmerized the audience at the fair with a captivating live painting performance in the Art Arena hosted by CII’s panel on Art & Culture. His creative prowess transformed a blank canvas into a masterpiece, bridging the worlds of art and commerce at the fair.

Simran Kaur’s Bollywood Dance and Tanishka’s Rajasthani Dance delighted the audience, while Rishi’s Gazal Singing added a soul-stirring touch to the cultural extravaganza.

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