AAP Leaders Hunger Strike: Protest Against BJP Election Fraud

Chandigarh police used force against peacefully protesting AAP leaders, arrested them, Dr Ahluwalia also suffered head injuries at the hands of police

Chandigarh, February 4 : The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Chandigarh leaders have initiated a protest against the rigging in the Chandigarh Mayoral election. They will stage a relay hunger strike in front of Municipal Corporation Bhawan in Sector 17.

During AAP’s protest on Sunday, AAP Chandigarh co-in-charge Dr. Sunny Ahluwalia announced that five AAP leaders, comprising one councilor and four volunteers, would commence a 24-hour hunger strike each day. The strike intends to protest the “vote chor BJP” and safeguard democracy until authorities address the election rigging by Anil Masih, the presiding officer, and remove the fake BJP mayor.

Dr. Ahluwalia emphasized that Anil Masih, the BJP’s minority wing secretary, manipulated the mayoral election on January 30th. Senior AAP leaders of Chandigarh, including Pradeep Chhabra, Chandarmukhi Sharma, and Prem Lata, have decided to demonstrate against this injustice. Additionally, AAP plans to organize candle marches at prominent locations in Chandigarh like Rose Garden and Sukhna Lake and conduct door-to-door campaigns to raise awareness against BJP’s dictatorship.

AAP anticipates a favorable ruling against BJP’s unjust practices during the scheduled hearing in the Supreme Court tomorrow at 10:30 AM.. Dr. Ahluwalia condemned BJP’s fraudulent behavior during the Chandigarh Mayor election, emphasizing the recorded rigging captured on live video.

AAP leaders expressed outrage at BJP’s unconstitutional activities, highlighting the disparity in votes where the alliance possessed 20 votes compared to BJP’s 16. Despite this, BJP resorted to force and unfair tactics to install their mayor. AAP vehemently protests against BJP’s fraudulent actions, emphasizing the need to uphold democratic principles.

In a later development, Chandigarh police used force against peacefully protesting AAP leaders, resulting in the removal of Dr. Ahluwalia’s turban and a head injury. Multiple AAP leaders were also arrested by the Chandigarh police during the protest.


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