SAS Nagar Administration permits movement of select vehicles during curfew

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SAS Nagar, March 26:

To ensure continued supply of essential goods and services during the curfew period (including back-end supply), SAS Nagar Administration has permitted unhindered movement of select vehicles during curfew. These include vehicles engaged in /carrying food items such as vegetables, groceries, eggs, meat etc. Also those carrying green and dry fodder for animals and poultry, piggery feed.

Besides the ATM Cash Vans, LPG delivery vehicles, Oil Containers/ Tankers, Home/ Door-to-Door delivery of milk, vegetables, medicines, and food items only including hawkers, rehris, milkmen etc. Even the Farmers/ farm labour going to work in field – to cut perishable vegetables, fodder or to harvest crops. However, they shall maintain social distance guidelines and there should be no assembly of more than 5 persons.

It has also been reiterated by the Administration that Department of Home Affairs, Government of Punjab has already granted permission for transportation of essential supplies across the State with maximum two persons per vehicle.

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