SAD-BJP joint delegation  calls on Guv ;   Assures “appropriate response’

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Asks Guv to Intervene to stop Govt from “murdering Punjab and Sikh history”

Govt   on confrontation course  against history, heritage of Great Gurus

Conspiracy to erase spirit of Sikh faith,Sikh ideology and Guru’s
divine message to humanity

Stop this Onslaught on Sikh principles, faith and  heritage

Chandigarh May 4 – The Shiromani Akali Dal and the BJP ( Punjab
Unit) today strongly urged the  Punjab Governor  Shri V P Singh
Badnore  “to intervene  urgently, immediately and effectively” to stop
the Punjab Government from going ahead with  its deep rooted and
disastrous conspiracy to systematically ‘murder” Sikh history,
heritage and culture from the minds of the present and the coming
generations of our children.”

A high level joint delegation of the  two parties called on the
state governor at the Punjab Raj Bhawan this morning. The delegation
was led by Mr Sukhbir Singh Badal and Mr Shwait Malik, presidents
respectively of the  SAD and the BJP (Punjab Unit).

Later talking to newspersons outside the Punjab Raj Bhawan,
the former Punjab Deputy CM  said that the Punjab governor  “gave a
very patient, keen and sympathetic audience to the delegation on every
aspect of this issue of extreme sensitivity  . “ He assured the
delegation of “sympathetic consideration  of  every aspect of the
matter and of an appropriate response.”
The former Dy CM said that he and Mr Malik came away from the meeting
with “constructive and positive vibes.”
A memorandum presented to the Governor  warned the  Punjab
government against its   “brazen obstinacy in sticking to the course
of  confrontation against the history and heritage of the Great Guru
Sahiban and against the great people of Punjab.”

Describing the refusal of the Government to resume the teaching of
the Punjab and the Sikh history in the “solemn and significant Board
class of 12  for  the Punjab State School Education students,”  the
memorandum said that “the conspiracy is aimed at erasing all traces of
Sikh faith, Sikh ideology and Sikh way of living from the minds of the
people in the land of the Gurus. This is a part of  a deep rooted
conspiracy to deliver a death-blow to  “ the rare, unmatched and proud
history and heritage of the Sikh faith founded by the Great Guru
Sahiban. Countless heroes and martyrs have walked the path of supreme
sacrifices to follow the spiritual call of the  Great Guru Sahiban as
etched deep in Sikh minds through  the immortal and divine Word of the
Guru in Sri Guru Granth Sahib,” said Mr Sukhbir Singh Badal in a
statement here this afternoon, adding that apart from trying to
destroy the historical roots and spiritual fountainheads of the
followers the great Sikh religion, the new syllabus for class 12
virtually shows the door to every section of Punjabi society as well
as to the Great spiritual figures like Guru Ravidass ji, Namdev ji,
Kabir Sahib, and many others. “That is a separate issue concerning the
contents of the bare and meager size of what they want our children to
learn about the great souls who have inspired not just the people of
Punjab but all over the country , said the SAD president.
The  delegation  told the governor that the Government’s systematic
act of “murdering” Punjabi, especially Sikh history  is a  direct
onslaught on the principles, the faith and the heritage revered by
the followers of the  Sikh religion  and is also an attempt to  “kill”
the history created by great heroes and martyrs inspired and motivated
by their undying and infinite love and reverence for their great Guru

“The government’s brazen and obstinate refusal to respect the
sentiments of the Sikh masses in this regard  has caused deep and
widespread wave of pain, anxiety and anger not only in  the minds of
the  Sikhs all over the world. They have either failed or deliberately
refused to realise that the  priceless heritage of Guru Sahiban also
adorns our national history and is glorious part of the humanity’s
spiritual heritage,” said Mr Sukhbir Singh Badal after an hour long
interaction between the Governor and the SAD-BJP delegation.

The  memorandum drew the Governor’s “  attention to the attempts by
the Punjab Government  to dodge the real momentous question of
eliminating  for ever  the history and heritage of the  people of the
state. They are trying merely to distract the attention of the masses
, especially the followers of the great and glorious Sikh  religion
founded and nurtured by the Great Guru Sahibaan, from the core issue
that their children will no longer get history of their religion and
their state to study in the serious and significant Board class of 12.
For reasons best known to the PSEdB and the Government of Punjab, they
have decided that the historyof Punjab and the Sikhs is not a serious
enough subject to be studied by the senior students of class 12 . Thus
they have    relegated Punjab and Sikh history to class 11 or even
lower than that.”

Briefing the Governor on the issue at Raj Bhawan, Mr Badal and Mr
Shwait  asserted that  the Punjabis and the Sikhs will never allow
anyone to destroy the unparalleled history of  Punjab and the history
and heritage of the proud, brave and patriotic Sikh quom.

“The Punjab Govt and the State Education Board have  literally thrown
out – lock, stock and barrel –  the entire syllabus covering the
detailed study of the history of the Great Guru Sahibaan and of all
the eminent Sikh  heroes from the history book meant for the class
12,” said the Memorandum presented to the Governor by the joint

The Memorandum further described as “ disastrous in the extreme and
fraught with grave danger”  the Punjab government’s “brazen obstinacy
in sticking to the course of  confrontation against the history and
heritage of the Great Guru Sahiban and the great people of Punjab.
They do not seem to realize that the history of our great country
India climaxes in the proud and prestigious history and heritage of
Punjab, which itself climaxes in the history of the  Great Guru
Sahiban and other outstanding, brave and patriotic  personages,
movements and events which form the glorious milestones in India’s
march towards a position of global leadership.”

The memorandum said that the two parties believed in the resolution
of the problem through a constructive approach. “The Chief Minister
was also requested that pending such a solemn and high level inquiry,
the old syllabus and books containing detailed chapters on Punjab and
Sikh history be restored for studies for the on-going session for
students of both Class 11and Class 12 so that students did not suffer
because of the  sins of the guilty officials.

The Memorandum emphasized that “in the old syllabus and books of
history  for the classes 11 and 12 , the Punjab and Sikh history was
presented with  profound sensitivity, solemnity and in great depth and
detail. In addition, the world history and Indian history were also
being taught in considerable depth.”

“But now,” said the Memorandum further,  “without any valid reason,
logic and without any legitimate academic consideration, the Board has
completely eliminated the teaching of Sikh history for the students of
the prestigious Board examinations for class 12. “

The Memo described as “absurd and ludicrous” the Government’s
explanation  in lame defense of “this conspiratorial and criminal
outrage against Punjab and Sikh history.”
“They are now claiming that no chapters on Punjab and Sikh history
have been deleted or expunged from the syllabus or from the books
meant for class 12, and that these chapters have been shifted to class
11. This is totally false and utterly baseless. None of the 23
chapters which formed a part of the syllabus for class 12 has been
shifted to the syllabus of class 11.  The  chapters  on Punjab and
Sikh history in class 11 which they are mischievously claiming as new
additions for the said class  were already a part of the curriculum
for class 11 and were being taught already.

The Memorandum came down heavily at the Government attempts to
confuse the people on the relative importance of class 12 and class
11.  ”The Board and the government are deliberately equating the
academic status  and significance of Class 12, which is Board exam,
with that of  Class 11 the exam for which is handled locally by the
schools. Even every school child can understand that the Government is
trying to play a fraud with students and their parents in this
regard,” said the Memorandum.

“The  most important milestone in a student’s
pre-graduation academic life is the Board examination of Class 12. By
throwing Sikh history out of the syllabus for this momentous  class,
the Board has deliberately tried to downscale, downgrade  and belittle
the study of the history and heritage of  Guru Sahiban and other
chapters on Sikh history for the impressionable minds of the school
children,”   the SAD-BJP told the Governor.

The two parties regretted that “the Government has completely shut
its mind on this issue and was bent upon inflicting  massive and
permanent damage on the future generations of Punjab.

“  The two parties referred to the extreme academic, historical and
religious sensitivity of the issue. The pride and prestige of all
Punjabis and the religious sentiments of the Sikh masses  living all
across the globe  have been greatly hurt by  this devious conspiracy
to destroy the history of the Sikh quom in their home state.”