Politicians having affiliations with gangsters and involved in questionable activities should be investigated on by a special investigation commission – Kainth

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“Relationship between gangsters and politicians clearly evident”

Chandigarh, 8th January – Punjab police is ready to combat deadly gangsters and put them behind bars but the clear interference from the political parties and politicians who have conflicting interests are hindering the law & order, National Scheduled Castes Alliance demands the government to present a White paper on the issue.

Paramjit Singh Kainth, President of the Alliance questioned the Captain Amrinder Singh led Congress Government’s resolve to investigate and punish the leaders involved with gangsters. Kainth on the other hand welcomed the step of the government to distinguish various different departments within the Punjab Police for specific offences, to stop the increasing instances of violence, crime and rise in gang activities.

Kainth said “there are many leaders in all Political parties, Akali Dal, BJP, Congress, AAP etc who have affiliations with the criminals or gangsters and who have used these anti-social elements to their personal use or political benefit. These are the leaders who have destroyed the law & order in the State and have maligned the image of Punjab as a violent state instead of being a peaceful and prosperous state.”

Kainth further requested the State Government to establish a Special Investigation Commission to look into the dealings between the Politicians and the gangsters. He said “Captain Amrinder singh holds the Home Ministry portfolio and he should take personal initiative to get rid of leaders within his party and also act against those of other parties who are using muscle power and criminal individuals for personal, financial and political gains.”

Instances of rape, violent clashes, gang violence, murder etc are on the rise and the Punjab Police has been extra cautious and more vigilant to tackle the elements who are determined to destroy the peace in the State. Kainth said “the Government should provide the police, special powers and a free hand to deal with such issues on the rise nowadays. The Political pressure of the Police personnel has upto a large extent been responsible for the deteriorating law & order situation in the State. This nexus needs to be broken and an independent Commission to look into the matter of political interference and political patronage would be a much welcomed step.”

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