National Dietetics Day celebrated in PGIMER

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Celebration of National Dietetics Day


January 10, Chandigarh (Prashant Sharma): Department of Dietetics, PGIMER, Chandigarh under the aegis of Indian Dietetics Association celebrated“National Dietetics Day” today in Advanced Pediatric Centre (APC) Auditorium on the theme “Anemia Mukt Bharat”.

India has highest prevalence of anemia at 39.8%. 50% of Indian women have low hemoglobin levels and are not even aware that they are anemic.  Most common anemia occurs from iron and vitamin deficiency.  Iron deficiency anemia occurs because of lack of the mineral iron in the body.  Keeping this in mind the program was organized, which included lectures about anemia and how to prevent the same by incorporating locally available iron and folate rich foods.   Quiz contest along with prizes was there for audience which comprised of the most vulnerable groups like young mothers and adolescent girls.  The participants were also given protein and iron rich snacks along with pamphlets on general knowledge about anemia, how to prevent it and recipes which can easily be prepared at home. Director of PGI Prof Jagat Ram inaugurated the program.  Other eminent guests present were Dean Research, PGI Prof. Rajwanshi, Medical Superintendent Prof. A. K. Gupta, amongst PGI doctors and dieticians. It was attended by over 200-250 school children and mothers of children admitted in advance pediatric center and pregnant & expectant mothers.

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