‘Laddoo Meetha Paan’ from ‘Jai Shri Ganesh’ Paanwala has a shelf-life of 2 months!

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Mumbai/Surat (Gujarat): Chewing the mixture of areca nut and betel leaf popularly termed as ‘paan’ is a tradition or ritual custom which dates back thousands of years. These days the people who savor ‘paans’ have not only increased but are on the lookout for different varieties too. For the habitual eaters, people take the extra mile to have their fill.’Jai Shri Ganesh’ is a unique ‘Paan Shop’ having many branches at Surat in Gujarat. Most of its shops are air-conditioned too. This exceptional ‘paan shop’ is run by the Pandey families like Basudev, Rajdhar, Gulabhdhar, Laalmani, Sheshmani, Ramdhar and others since many generations.

              Poona Patiya situated ‘Jay Shri Ganesh’ paan shop is owned by Bansidhar Pandey who has around 7/8 air-conditioned shops. Sunil Singh from this shop informed that these days they have introduced two new named paans with best of the ingredients. One is titled as “Laddoo Meetha Paan” which can be best is eaten till two months. It does not get spoiled quickly. It has ingredient like rose, poppy, saffron, coconut chocolate, dry fruits and others and can be made of a dozen types of “Laddoo Meetha Paan”. The second one is named as “Jhaag Wala Katha Paan” which after eating them one can feel and sense its taste and colour but after washing your mouth the colour will be washed off and no one will realize that you have savored a ‘paan’. Both type of ‘paans’ are being liked by people and the numbers are growing. The paans are priced anywhere between Rs. 20 to more thousand.

                 Bansidhar Pandey, the owner of ‘Jai Shri Ganesh Paan shop’ during his visit in Mumbai and during his stay at a hotel informed, “People of Surat like to enjoy their paan. Being a family shop we try to give them good products and maintain its quality. Out both the new items, ‘Laddoo Meetha Paan’ and ‘Jhaag Wala Katha Paan’ are a hit with the people and are taking pleasure in them too. Very soon we are planning to open one more branch of ‘Jai Shri Ganesh’ in Mumbai too.”

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