Harsimrat Badal exposes CM Amarinder’s lies with evidence

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(Says Amarinder has nowhere to run now)

 (Gives evidence of telegram sent by Bhupinder Singh to Gen Dyer congratulating him besides recorded evidence of K Natwar Singh and Gen Dyer himself)

Chandigarh, April 13 – Union food processing minister Harsimrat Kaur Badal today exposed the lies being uttered on twitter by chief minister Capt Amarinder Singh by confronting him with facts to which he had no response, forcing him to beat a hasty retreat. 

In a statement here, Mrs Badal said after today’s turn of events on twitter the “Maharaja” would have to answer to the crimes of his ancestors against the Sikh community from the time when his ancestors teamed up with Ahmed Shah Abdali, to when when they turned against Maharaja Ranjit Singh in league with the British to congratulating the butcher of Amritsar – General Dyer through an official telegram after hundreds of Punjabis were massacred in Jallianwala Bagh 100 years back”. 


 Badal said “You have nowhere to run now try as much as you will. You must stand your ground and tell the Sikh community why you have failed to apologise for the recorded sins of your ancestors. Mind you I am using the word recorded. I have in my tweet given evidence of the telegram written to Gen Dyer by your grand father Maharaja Bhupinder Singh saying “Your (Gen Dyer) action (firing at innocents) is correct and the Governor General approves”. Mrs. Badal said besides this there was recorded evidence in a book by the CM’s relative K  Natwar Singh that Maharaja Bhupinder Singh supported the actions of Gen Dyer. “Even Gen Dyer acknowledged this in his autobiography”. She said instead of replying to the evidence presented to the CM against his ancestors Capt Amarinder was trying to create a smokescreen around some “dinner” which was a figment of his imagination.  

 Asking the CM not to assign heroic qualities to himself,  Badal said “the real reason for your stage managed resignation from the Congress party lies exposed. After trying to become a hero in Sikh eyes and being rejected you not only rejoined the Congress party but also justified the massacre of Sikhs by defending the butcher of Delhi – Jagdish Tytler. So don’t try to teach me about your so called sacrifice. I may have been young in 1984 but I have worked in the refugee camps and understand the sufferings of my community members. You on the other hand have defended the killers and even now refuse to muster the courage to tell Congress President Rahul Gandhi to apologise on behalf of the Congress party and the Gandhi family for sending tanks into Sri Darbar Sahib and massacring thousands of Sikhs in Delhi”. 

Stating that Capt Amarinder was siding with the Gandhi family instead of the Sikhs, Mrs Badal said “in doing so youare following the footsteps of the founder of your dynasty Ala Singh who massacred Sikhs at the instance of Abdali as well as those who helped the British against Maharaja Ranjit Singh to the treachery committed by Maharaja Bhupinder Singh by congratulating Gen Dyer for killing unarmed innocent Punjabis”. 

 Badal said she could understand why Capt Amarinder was doing this. “Your survival depends on keeping the Gandhi family happy. To ensure this you are ready to sell your soul to the Gandhis’ as your forefathers did to the British and Abdali”. 
Badal said as far as her family was concerned it had earned the goodwill of the Sikh community due to its “Sewa”. Lehna singh Majithia’s name is carved in stone at the doorstep of Harmandir saab because of the contributions he made to the Sikh Panth, she added.

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Pb CM @capt_amarinder took @RahulGandhi Gandhi to Sri Akal Takht Sahib but lacked courage to ask Rahul to admit @INCIndia’s  sin of demolishing  Sikhs’ highest religio-temporal seat with tanks & mortars What a contrast with demand for British apology for #JallianwalaBaghMassacre

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“I can understand your embarrassment and loss of temper&wits over being cornered on your current bosses’ unforgivable sin of demolishing Sri Akal Takhat sahib and ur cowardice in not seeking an  apology from Rahul on your states behalf. Your lies about us won’t wash ur sins.

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And u proudly display these pics in your lobby , or are you too ashamed of your grandfather ? Unlike ur wild allegations , When we level an allegation, we always back it with facts

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