“The future medicine will possibly treat the human body in more dignified and less invasive manner”- CEC Sunil Arora

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”The future medicine will possibly treat the human body in more dignified and less invasive manner. I believe PGIMER Chandigarh will play its worthy role in this matter. Medicine is indeed both a science and art,” said Sunil Kumar Arora, Chief Election Commissioner of India, while talking about the challenges faced by the medical fraternity. Arora addressed the new entrants to PGIMER while inaugurating the academic session today. He spoke on “The Road Ahead- Opportunities and Challenges”.


The challenges are multiplying, he said, “The average life of Indian citizens, thanks to achievements in medical science, has gone up over the decades. It increased by 18 years between 1973 and 2012 from 49.7 years to 67.9 years. But it also implies that more people will live longer with chronic illnesses than before. On the other hand, people are prematurely falling victim to a host of diseases like hypertension and diabetes, due to lifestyle changes…. The World Health Organization prescribes a ratio of 1 doctor to 1000 person. But in India it is estimated that the ratio is a meagre 0.62 to 1000 persons”. He emphasized on the role of visionary leaders, in India and the world, who with their individuality changed the history of their countries. While relating his personal experiences in Indian Airlines and Ministry of Skill India,


Arora said that we have many islands of excellence in India which have to be scaled up and individuals should come together for collective team work to achieve new heights in their respective fields. He urged the students to keep their morale up when challenged and through their out of the box thinking, change the course of medicine. “Today’s medicine was yesterday’s research; and today’s research will become tomorrow’s medicine”, he said.



Earlier Prof Jagat Ram, Director PGIMER welcomed the Chief Guest and enlightened the new batch of students about the traditions and achievements of the Institute. Prof Jagat Ram urged everyone ,”… to put their hearts and souls into the dream of making PGI a centre of all-round excellence so that this Institute can apply healing touch to the wounds of ailing and suffering humanity with empathy and thus touch the zenith of real success. I invite you all, especially the newcomers, to become a part of this grand success story, and dedicate yourself to furthering its legacy. There is a lot that is happening in PGI from which we can take pride…. The Institute provides a healthy environment for advanced medical education and research. Till date over 5396 students in medical specialties and 2673 students in surgical specialties have received degrees in postgraduate courses while over 621 students in medical specialties and 236 students in surgical specialties have received training in super specialty courses respectively. PGI Alumni, through their work in various Institutes across India and abroad have earned laurels and the respect of their colleagues. This is attributable not only to their individual calibre and commitment but also to their training exposure and experience at the PGI”, said Prof Jagat Ram.

The pin-up ceremony for the new entrants to PGI for the session July 2018 and January 2019 was conducted by Prof Rajesh Kumar, Dean Academics and the vote of thanks was delivered by Prof Arvind Rajwanshi, Dean Research. Prof Ajit Avasthi, Chairman, Institute Function Committee conducted the function. Dignitaries from various Institutes of Chandigarh, former PGI directors and professors, heads of departments, faculty, students and other staff were present on the occasion.

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