FSSAI; Food Safety : Hygiene and Sensitization Training to all Food Business operators in Bathinda District

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Food Safety Trainings under FSSAI , FoSTaC

In order to fulfill the requirement as laid down in food safety & standards Act 2006, training programs are being conducted under food safety training & certification (FOSTAC) program initiated by food safety and standards authority of India (FSSAI), Food and Drug Administration, Punjab under the Tandrust Punjab mission.




To take this further Department of Food & drug administration, Punjab has decided to organize such training programs. These training programs have been organized by the District Health Officer (DHO) with support of his team food safety officers & staff of the health department, Bathinda in association with Training providing agency Green Food Consultancy, New Delh, for the food business operator in different domains (food manufacturing units, catering establishment, retailers & distribution storage warehouses & transporter).




The training program intends to provide the relevant insights about food safety, standards, food safety management system and related legal provision under FSSA (2006).




The training imparts a complete understanding of schedule 4 of FSSA (2006) in which a team of experts from Green Food Consultancy (Training Partner) provide the detailed information on food safety system, hazards, & overview of food safety & standard Act (2006) & rules & regulations.




In the interactive sessions, the trainers impress upon preparing food under hygienic condition and to sell Good quality food articles to all the customer especially use different chopping boards for fruits, vegetables, meat and poultry further not to keep cooked food for longer time and to maintain proper temperature for storing the food articles. With special emphasis on food and plastic interference wide various routes majorly to not to expose package drinking water bottles to direct sunlight, do avoid eating and serving hot food in plastic containers. They were also asked to keep their lanes and drains neat and clean to avoid cross contamination and always use dustbins for waste items and not to use newspaper and polythene for the packaging of food items.




More than 500 food business operators have been trained till now in Bathinda district & nearby such as Rampura, Raman, Bhucho Mandi, Talwandi Sabo, Mour Mandi, Sangat Kalan, Goniana.

The food safety training programs are being conducted at Annexe hall, Civil Hospital, Bathinda on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11:00 to 14:00.

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