Finance Minister has concealed the facts on MSP: BKU (Mann)

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Announcement of Increase in MSP a big hoax

Chandigarh, 01 February ( )

The Finance Minister in his budget has again played a hoax with the farmers by announcing that MSP will be raised 1.5 times the input cost and has tried to play a bluff game with the farmers. This was said by BKU (Mann) in a strongly worded statement condemning the much hyped farmers budget which actually is not.

In a press Statement issued on the budget 2018, S. Bhupinder Singh Mann Ex MP, National President BKU and Chairman All India Kisan Coordination Committee and S. Baldev Singh Mianpur President BKU Punjab described the budget as a mere eye wash and a hoax.

  1. Mann said that there is lot of debate on the cost of production and there is lot of confusion created by so called agriculture experts and economists. Normally the input costs are calculated in two ways: C2 and A2.
  2. Mann said that the working of CACP is very opaque and its calculations are far from reality. He said that as per CACP,A2+FL cost for wheat for 2018-19 is pegged at Rs 817 per quintal while as per C2 cost it is shown as Rs 1256 per quintal. These calculations are purely theoretical and far from reality. Giving 50% over and above these would mean Rs 1225 and Rs 1884 for A2 and C2 calculations respectively. This year’s MSP is Rs 1735. (calculation sheets of CACP and FCI attached) Thus by this hoax, farmers are already getting  Rs 510 more than cost of production as per calculation as per A2. Last year the BJP’s party president Amit Shah had said that Government is already paying 43% higher than the cost of production, confirming our apprehensions, they said.

He said that on practical basis, the cost of production of wheat come to between Rs 2500 to Rs 2700 per quintal. (Costing calculations are attached). So basically, the farmers expect and demand 50% above the actual cost of production.

  1. Mann said that he had written a letter to PM Modi on 8.6.2017 reminding of his promise in Manifesto (copy of letter attached). In the letter he had challenged Mr Modithat the calculations by the economists are far from reality which is the primary reason for high debt and suicides. Mr. Mann had offered his own 5 acres of irrigated land to any of his economists for two years in which they can have four crops and challenged them to do agriculture and show the amount of profit made from these 5 acres in two years.

  1. Baldev Singh Mianpur, President of BKU Punjab unit said that by increasing the fund allocation for agriculture loan to farmers to 11 trillion is will further push the farmers in debt trap. The bankers will have more targets to disburse these loans and the hapless farmers will borrow and will not be able to repay thus pushing them to deeper debttrap and suicides.

Actual solution was announcing of debt waiver and adequate, sincere, true increase in MSP. Finance Minister has badly failed on both accounts.

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