Department Higher Education, Haryana Successfully Launched Student Helpline To Cope With Stress And Mental Health Issues

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  • Chandigarh, 9 April- Department Higher Education, Haryana successfully launched student helpline to cope with stress and mental health issues
  • Sh. Kanwar Pal, Education Minister today launched a 24×7 helpline for the students of higher education to cope up with stress and other mental issues that have cropped up due to COVID Crisis. On this occasion, Hon’ble education minister said that most of our students belong to lower-middle classes and economically weaker families and they do not find any solace and guidance to ease out their stress level. And in order to facilitate such students who must also be feeling mental anxiety and stress which may emanate from the aftermaths of lockdown and discontinuation of their studies, this helpline will work 24×7 as a guiding agent.
  • It will be pertinent to mention that the department piloted a Counselling Helpline with M/s Your Dost in four government colleges to address the increasing prevalence of Mental Health Issues, stress, anxiety, depression, dissatisfaction and lack of motivation, amongst students. But during this period of national lockdown, it was decided to extend services of helpline provided by M/s YourDost for all students of government colleges in Haryana.  Further, the agency M/s Your Dost has agreed to do it free of cost during this crisis. In order to manage the large volume of calls from 3.5 lac higher education students, the department has also tied up with another agency M/s Touch base which will provide telemedicine app. M/s Touchbase have also agreed to provide counseling to the teachers of psychology who are teaching in colleges and universities of Haryana. 180 psychology teachers have already been trained by the agency who will further counsel the students during this crisis.
  • Maintaining the rule of social distancing during this period, this 24×7 helpline was launched via video conferencing by Hon’ble Education minister from his residence in Jagadhri. Ankur Gupta, Principal Secretary Higher Education, and Ajit Balaji Joshi, Director General Higher Education along with the 180 psychology teachers were also present through video conferencing mode

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