#D.E.O. (Elementary Education, Sangrur withdraws his earlier order on White Fly

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Chandigarh-March 25th-
D.E.O. (Elementary Education), Sangrur withdraws his earlier order issued to Block Education Officers, for submitting periodical reports regarding the destruction of White Fly (Chitti Makhi) , which caused harm to cotton crop.
District Education Officer (Elementary Education) Sangrur had issued an order dated 23.2.2017 to all the District Primary Officers in District Sangrur, asking them to submit periodical reports in relation to the destruction of White Fly (Chitti Makhi), which causes harm to the cotton crop. The B.E.O.s were directed to keep in touch with Chief Agricultural Officer, Sangrur, in this regard.
Advocate H.C. Arora had thereupon sent a demand notice to the Chief Secretary, Government of Punjab, demanding the withdrawal the aforesaid extraneous duties from the Teachers of Education Department, which were bound to be directed by the concerned B.E.O.s to comply with the order of District Education Officer (Elementary Education), Sangrur. Acting quickly in response to the demand notice, the DPI (Elementary Education), Punjab has vide his letter dated 24.3.2017 apprised Advocate H.C. Arora that the letter regarding destroying White Fly (Chitti Makhi) on cotton crop, which was issued by District Education Officer (E.E.) Sangrur, has been withdrawn with immediate effect. He also enclosed therewith a copy of the fresh order dated 24.3.2017 issued by D.E.O. (Elementary Education) Sangrur in this regard, revoking his earlier order with immediate effect.

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