Crop compensation: AAP to submit memorandum to government through DCs

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Chandigarh, April 18

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) will submit memorandum to Chief Minister of Punjab Captain Amarinder Singh demanding, among others, 100 per crop compensation to farmers in the state over the huge losses bear due natural calamities.

In a statement issued from party office in Chandigarh here on Thursday, MLA and Punjab Kisan Wing chief Kultar Singh Sandhwan, said that the huge losses suffered by the farmers due the untimely rain, hailstorm and velocity winds was immeasurable. He said the untimely rain  had wreaked havoc on them, leaving their wheat crop worth lakhs flattened over a vast areas.

He said that a memorandum would be submitted to Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh through DCs to remind those at the helms of affairs in the state that the community had been suffering for years now due to the anti-farmer stance of the state and central governments reins of the country more than seventy years. The rain gods too, like the political masters, have played a cruel joke by thrusting them into a lasting crisis.

He said the memorandum seeks to demand 100 per cent compensation to the farmers for the crop loss in any form – accidental or naturals – so that they did not have to suffer due to government’s apathy. It also seeks to amend the law to make the mode of payment of compensation in case of their damaged crops more farmer-friendly.

He said the memorandum  would also put across its stand point pressing the dispensation to go for a relook on the hackneyed terms and conditions of the payment of compensation and rehabilitation of farmers and so on.

The memorandum seeks to have in place a 100 per cent compensation and a much-needed raise in the existing amount of Rs 5400 per acre so that the common farmers comes out of the financial crisis, saying the existing mode and amount were a tantamount to a cruel joke with the distressed farmers.

He said that the memorandum would impress upon the government to introduce insurance/ compensation for the farmers to ameliorating their lot. It would also demand for the setting up of special fund forum on the pattern of Arvind Kejriwal-led government had done in Delhi.

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