budget :  Bold and brilliant in emphasis on reforms, growth and infrastructure development:Sukhbir

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Chandigarh Feb 1 – The SAD president and  Sukhbir Singh Badal today
hailed the Union Budget as “bold and brilliant” and said that its
emphasis on fiscal reforms on the one hand and on growth,
infrastructure development and rural economy, especially farm economy,
on the other bear the stamp of master-class financial planning and
” It is only the bold economic vision evident in this budget and the
persistent attention to long-term investments in social sector by the
NDA government that India has emerged as the fastest growing economy
in the world today,” said the former Deputy Chief Minister Punjab.

Badal said that the decision to ensure MSP equivalent to at least
1.50 times  of the costs incurred by the farmers showed agriculture
and the rural economy remained the highest priority of this
government. He said that involving states in the finalisation of the
MSP is in line with the demands made by the SAD over a long period.

Badal welcomed the stress on value addition of farm produce through
food processing and added that the massive increase in the budget for
this purpose would in the long run help in making agriculture a
remunerative profession. This along with decisions to encourage FPOs
through 100%  exemption  in Income Tax will ensure that farmers get
benefits of the fast-expanding economy.

Badal also welcomed the emphasis on MSMEs and Rs Three Lakh Crore
for Mudra Loan
Badal said that the budget is also proof of how well the
country’s economy is being managed at this time.” These have been
tough years for global economy, with most countries struggling to keep
their levels of growth stable. But over the past few  years, the NDA
Government has managed India’s economy in a manner that pitches it as
the most notable of all, putting it firmly on the road to touch or
even cross the 8% growth target. That will almost certainly put India
on the door-steps to be in the top three bracket in a decade or so,”
said Mr Badal in his reaction to the budget presented today.

Badal welcome the emphasis on farm and rural sectors in the
budget and said,”The most remarkable thing about this budget is how
competently it balances  the goal of meeting the bare needs of the
common masses on the one hand and the need for taking the country into
the  era of  fast industrial and technological developments through
investments in  IT,    infrastructure development, commerce, industry
and trade on the other.”



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