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Chandigarh April 17  – Former Punjab Chief Minister  Parkash
Singh Badal today asked Justice Ranjit Singh ( Retd) to vindicate the
dignity of his profession by recusing himself from the utterly
politicized Commission set by “the anti-Sikh anti Punjab Congress
party’s government in Punjab” to play with the sentiments of the Sikh
masses on the pretext of inquiring into incidents of sacrilege of Shri
Guru Granth Sahib.”

 “I request you not to be a party to the anti Sikh agenda of the
Congress party and the government formed by it in Punjab. I request
you instead to uphold the dignity of the judiciary and to stand by the
Sikh quom and recuse yourself from the Chairmanship of the
Commission,” said Mr Badal in his reply to a notice received from the
commission, adding ,” We oppose the attempts of the Congress party to
misuse the august name of the judiciary to promote its petty anti
Punjab and anti-Sikh agenda.


 “The express purpose of the Commission is to give a legal cover to
the political design of the Congress to cause confusion among the Sikh
masses by falsely blaming the Sikhs organizations and institutions
themselves for the most tragic and painful acts of sacrilege of Sri
Guru Granth Sahib ji Maharaj,” said Badal.
He said that the  report of the Commission stood prepared even
before the constitution of the Commission or at best, immediately
after its constitution and the report is merely   to be  formally
signed now. As such, I and my party see no reason to be a part of this
sham exercise,” said Mr Badal in his reply.

In  his letter,  Badal pointed out to Justice Ranjit Singh ( Retd)
that he had “appointed by the government of a party which has its
hands soaked in the blood of thousands of innocent Sikhs and who
ordered tanks to be rolled into the holiest of the holy shrines of
mankind, Sachkhand Sri Harmandar Sahib. In the most tragic and brazen
army assault on the Darbar Sahib Complex, hundreds of sacred saroops
of Sri Granth Sahib ji Maharaj were not only desecrated but even
cruelly destroyed.He however said that he and his party and the Sikh
quom have full faith in the judiciary and hold it in the highest

 Badal said that he and his party  would  “most willingly” assist
any independent Commission headed by a sitting Hon’ble Judge of the
Supreme Court to expose the sinister design behind acts of sacrilege
of the Holiest of the Holy Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji Maharaj and also
of other places of Worship.

The former CM emphatically stated that the truth behind “the deeply
painful series of incidents of sacrilege” needed to be exposed and
added that the gravity and the sensitivity of the issue demanded that
this must not be handled casually and that the momentous task be
handled at the highest level through the appointment of a Commission
headed by a sitting judge of the Supreme Court.
“ I urge you also to lend your voice to the voice of the community
by recusing yourself from this commission and supporting the
community’s demand that the the matter be probed   at the highest
level by a sitting judge of the apex court in the country.”

Badal said that the Congress party and tis governments had always
tried to fulfill their anti-Sikh agenda through a gross misuse of its
governmental power whenever it is elected to office. That was why, he
said, he was requesting the  retired Justice Ranjit Singh not to be a
part of a politically motivated exercise against the community.
Grievous wounds were inflicted on the sacred body of the sanctum
sanctorum of the holiest of the holy Sri Harmandar Sahib and the
highest seat of religio-temporal authority of the Sikh religion, Sri
Akal Takhat Sahib was virtually razed to the ground with armoured
vehicles and cannon-mounted tanks. This party also presided over the
genocide of the Sikhs in November 1984. The wounds inflicted by this
party on the body and soul of the Sikh religion and the Sikh quom are
still green and fresh in the minds of every Sikh and are no likely to
be forgotten for generations. These reasons might impel you also to
recuse as Chairman of the Commission,” said Mr Badal in his letter, (
Copy annexed) adding that the SAD had been compelled by these reasons
to reject this commission and simultaneously demand the setting up of
a commission under the sitting judge of the SC. That alone will have
credibility and will enjoy the confidence of the Sikh masses.

On the contrary,  Badal said that his life “ is an open
book  as a member of  the Shiromani Akali Dal has always made supreme
sacrifices in the defence of the values handed down to us by the Great
Gurus through the most sacred Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji Maharaj.  And
it is only thanks to the most courageous and honorable role of the
judiciary in the country   that my honour has always been vindicated
and I still walk a free man.”

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