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            New Delhi, November 16 : The Delhi MLA and Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee (DSGMC) General Secretary  Manjinder Singh Sirsa today said that his arrest or detention today on putting mask on the statue of Mahatma Gandhi cannot stop him from raising public issues which are becoming a serious blunders of of Kejriwal Government and on which it was resorting to most corrupt practices of the day.

            In a statement issued here today,  Sirsa said that his arrest or detention could act as a deterrent for him. He said that he was a public representative and  was duty bound to take up such issues which are effecing the life of people in any way.  He said that it was quite shocking Kejriwal Government has collected Rs. 787 Crore in the name of environment cess but spent only 93 lakh rupees and was habitually accusing the centre government for non expenditure of the other unutilized amount.  He said that had he been serious on working he  could have utilized this amount in various measure during last one year but he preferred non woking only for achievement of purpose of blaming centre. He said that similar was case in water logging and now in this issue. He said that with this money he could have purchased a number of buses,  get install air purifiers, air cleaning towers, purchase mechanical sweepers and even take steps for reducing road side dust which is cause of 33 percent pollution.

         Sirsa said that he was right in his claim is that there is no dearth of money but it was intention which matters. He said that he was aware of his negative intentions so he did nothing for last one year.

            Sirsa said that most corrupt practices of Kejriwal Government is becoming a record in itself and it  has now adopted sole agenda of making money and do nothing on any issue. He said that people of Delhi are suffering from a serious crisis of breathing but Chief Minister Mr. Arvind Kejriwal is busy in his dramatics and non-sense working style and running away from every responsibility as Chief Minister is supposed to  do.

            Lashing out at double face politics of the party  Sirsa said that it was surprising for the people of Delhi that Punjab Leadership of the party particularly is resorting to stubble burning and also rejected claims of Kejriwal that Punjab’s air is pollution Delhi, but the CM of Delhi is still trying to befool people. He said that instead of speaking on this double standards of the party Mr. Kejriwal has now chosen to run away from the media and keep mum on every issue which  unmasks its real face.

            Sirsa said that the Shiromani Akali Dal-BJP alliance was committed to work for the welfare of the public and will take every step to expose the corrupt practices of the Kejriwal government.

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